Denver Medical Negligence Lawyers

Denver Medical Negligence Lawyers

Errors in the emergency room and during hospital treatment are a significant cause of injury and death in the United States. While current laws make it difficult to seek damages, you should talk to a lawyer if you believe you or someone you love was the victim of medical negligence. You can take action to seek a settlement if a medical professional’s negligent conduct led directly to significantly unfavorable consequences.

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Generally, medical treatment with effects that were not anticipated by the doctor or the patient is not considered medical negligence. Cases of medical negligence must usually be proven using the testimony of an expert witness. That witness or witnesses need to show that the medical professional’s conduct during treatment resulted in harm to the patient because the conduct failed to meet reasonable standards.

Denver Medical Negligence Lawyers Who Do More For Their Clients

The team of lawyers at the Denver, Colorado-based Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC has a proven track record when it comes to cases of medical malpractice. Our caring lawyers prioritize the rights of victims above all else, and will fight to protect your rights if you’ve been victimized. To find out more or discuss your case, call our Denver offices to arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers.

Consultations are free and can be conducted over the telephone or in person in our Denver offices. Your case may even qualify for our contingency fee arrangement, meaning you won’t owe your legal fees until you collect your settlement. Contact us today to start making things right in regards to your medical negligence case.

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