Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

It used to be that insurance companies covered their clients regardless of fault in a motorcycle accident. Now, there are conditions under which an injured motorcycle rider may be left to meet his own treatment costs out-of-pocket. Because things have changed in Colorado law, accident victims are sometimes left to meet their own expenses and swallow the loss of wages out of their own pocket. At the Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC, we don’t believe that’s just.

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Our team of Denver based lawyers have decades of experience advocating for the rights of and winning damages for personal injury victims. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, but rather was caused by the negligent or intentional actions of another driver, contact our Denver law offices. Our lawyers will do everything possible to get you the settlement you deserve.

Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to Get You the Settlement You Deserve

Each year, hundreds of Denver, Colorado residents are injured in motorcycle accidents. Don’t let the negligent actions of another person cause you any more suffering than they already have. Act to protect your rights under the law: Call our Denver offices to arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers.

Consultations are free, and many cases can be handled on a contingency fee basis. We take great pride in working one-on-one with our clients on an exclusive and personal basis. Service that goes the extra mile and a proven track record are the reasons we’re regarded as one of Denver’s top personal injury law firms.

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