Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

All too often, personal injury is caused by the negligence or, worse, the intentional actions of another person. If you have been afflicted with a personal injury or if a loved one has been lost in a case of wrongful death, you’ll find an understanding ear and tenacious advocacy for your rights at the Denver Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC. Our lawyers have decades of experience winning victims of personal injury the financial compensation they deserve.

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Our lawyers handle all kinds of personal injury cases, from premises liability to medical malpractice, auto accidents to wrongful death. We also fight to help victims of personal injuries collect insurance monies they’re having difficulty securing due to disputes with their insurance companies. We fight for your rights with zeal and passion; that’s the reason we’re thought of as one of the most successful personal injury law firms in Denver.

Denver Personal Injury Lawyers with Winning Know-How

Advocating for the rights of personal injury victims is our top concern. Because we put our clients first at all times, we’re pleased to offer free consultations with our lawyers. All you need to do is call our Denver offices to arrange one.

If we feel you have a case to make, you may qualify to hire the services of our lawyers on a contingency fee basis. We make a difference for our clients; we offer one-on-one and exclusive access to counsel at all times as we prepare and fight each case. To begin the process of getting the settlement you rightly deserve, give us a call today.

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