Denver Litigation Lawyers

Denver Litigation Lawyers

The team of experienced lawyers at the Denver Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC know what it takes to win difficult litigation cases. Our practice areas include insurance, business, commercial and multi-party litigation claims. If you have a legal issue in any of these areas, contact us. We can help.

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Typically, insurance companies act in good faith and disburse settlements that are rightly deserved. Occasionally, though, they reject valid claims, which can leave individuals feeling powerless against the insurance companies’ legions of lawyers. In order to get the claim you deserve, you need a law firm that will take swift, decisive and tenacious action.

Denver Litigation Lawyers Can Ensure You Get What You’re Owed

At the Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC, we have assembled one of the finest teams of litigation lawyers in Denver. Fight back against insurance companies that are withholding valid claims–or whatever other litigation issue you may be facing–by putting us to work for you. We’ve earned our reputation the old-fashioned way: by getting our clients results.

Call us to take advantage of our free consultation offer. You can consult us by telephone or make arrangement to visit us at our Denver law offices. In many cases, we’re also able to work with clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t collect any legal fees until the client has won her litigation case. Contact us today to learn more.