Denver Malpractice Attorneys

Denver Malpractice Attorneys

Despite lawmakers’ efforts to protect negligent healthcare providers, the fact of the matter is that medical malpractice carries serious consequences for its victims. Often, individuals are faced with life-changing injuries or, worse, death as the result of malpractice. If you have been hurt or a loved one has been hurt or even passed away as the result of what you believe to be negligence on the part of the healthcare provider, the attorneys at the Denver Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC can help you collect the damages you’re entitled to.

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Legally, malpractice is defined as a situation in which a healthcare professional failed to administer care that met reasonable expectations of competence. Unfortunately, it has become a leading cause of emergency room death in the United States. We believe that victims and their families should be compensated when medical malpractice leaves them in a debilitating situation.

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Our attorneys work with clients one-on-one and allow them exclusive and extensive access to them and the resources at their disposal. While many Denver law firms leave their clients to deal primarily with support and paralegal staff, we don’t believe that works in the best interests of our clients. We make every possible effort to remain accessible to and communicate with you.

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