After a serious Denver auto accident, get help so you can begin recovering financially from injury

When a car crash happens and someone is seriously hurt, it is crucial to immediately get help to begin the financial recovery process. Accidents can have huge costs to an injured victim including growing medical bills, a damaged vehicle, and lost income from missed work. The cost of emotional distress to the victim and family members needs to be taken into account.

To start the process of financial recovery, it is best to find an experienced Denver personal injury attorney to handle an insurance claim

Injury lawyers cannot help someone heal physically, but we can certainly help ease the stress of the financial burdens that usually accompany a car accident. At Brad Freedberg Law, we will launch a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company, will manage all the paperwork, communications, documentation, and legal filings, and will handle negotiations to secure a full settlement. If a full settlement isn’t offered, we will take the claim to a jury.

From the moment you hire us, you can stop worrying about medical bills, lost wages, insurance adjusters, and future expenses. You can concentrate on recovering physically and emotionally – we concentrate on your financial recovery.

It costs nothing up front to hire us; we get paid when you do

Our firm will receive a percentage of the settlement that we negotiate for you. There are no up-front costs and no hidden fees. All fees and costs are paid from your settlement.

Get your questions answered today and learn about your rights and options by contacting Denver personal injury attorney Brad Freedberg. You can reach him by calling 303-892-0900 or by emailing him at