Denver Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Denver Medical Malpractice Attorneys

According to the letter of the law, medical malpractice is defined as a set of circumstances under which a healthcare professional’s negligence causes a patient serious injury or death. Generally, to prove it in court, an expert witness will be necessary in order to demonstrate that the healthcare professional’s conduct fell below expected standards. Here at the Denver, Colorado-based Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC, our attorneys have decades of experience arguing–and winning–medical malpractice cases for scores of satisfied clients.

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Despite the seeming efforts of lawmakers to prevent it from being taken to civil trials, medical malpractice remains common. However, it is not constituted simply by medical care resulting in unexpected or unfortunate results. To find out more about whether or not you have a case to make, contact our Denver offices.

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Our team of attorneys has a proven track record when it comes to winning malpractice cases. Today, we enjoy a reputation as one of the leading personal injury law firms in Denver, based both on our successes and the compassionate manner in which we treat our clients. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC make minimal use of support staff, preferring to deal with each client on a one-on-one basis.

Get in touch with us to find out more or to consult with one of our attorneys. We are pleased to offer prospective clients the opportunity to book a free consultation, either by telephone or in person. Get the malpractice settlement you deserve; give us call us today!

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