Colorado Litigation Attorneys

Colorado Litigation Attorneys

If you are a Colorado resident with a litigation issue for which you want reputable and committed legal representation, call the Law Offices of Bradley S. Freedberg, PC. Our attorneys have the know-how to get you the favorable results you seek. We’ve successfully argued litigation cases of all kinds, including insurance, commercial, multi-party and business litigation.

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It can be daunting for the private individual to be up against an insurance company that withholds or rejects rightfully owed claims. Colorado insurance companies have enormous resources available to them, which can be very difficult for an individual policyholder to defeat. Our attorneys proceed with the right combination of aggression and experience, taking decisive action to help get the insurance monies you deserve released to you.

Colorado Litigation Attorneys Who Put Clients First

We were founded with the rights of the private citizen in mind. Our only priority is to ensure the rights of individuals are protected. That’s why we take a hands-on approach with our clients, providing leadership and accessibility you won’t find in many other Colorado law firms. Our attorneys, not just our paralegal and support staff, remain in close communication with you throughout the legal process.

Give us a call today to discuss your litigation issue. If we can help, you may qualify for our contingency fee program. Consultations are always free of cost and obligation, and can be conducted on the telephone or in person. Contact us today to begin the process of settling your litigation issue in a favorable way.

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