After a serious Denver bicycle accident, an injured victim needs help to recover both medically and legally

When someone has been seriously injured in a bike accident that is caused by the drivr of a motor vehicle, the most important thing to do is get the best medical treatment available. Bike collisions often result in more serious injuries, and sometimes fatalities, because cyclists have little protection from the force of a collision and typically sustain more severe injuries.

As an injured bicyclist begins the healing process, it is a daily struggle to recover while trying to deal with medical bills and lost income, but there is one thing that will immediately help.

Denver personal injury attorney Brad Freedberg can ease the financial burdens placed on a bicycle accident victim

The difficult days and weeks following a serious bicycle accident are spent dealing with injuries, hospital stays, and medical appointments and treatments. The stress of lost income due to missed work, and the medical bills that start pouring in, can be overwhelming. Brad is an experienced bike accident attorney able to reduce this stress by managing an insurance claim that will start the financial recovery process.

No matter whether a bicyclist is injured by a conscientious driver who simply made a mistake, or an aggressive driver who disregarded the safety of the cyclist, an insurance claim should be filed to help the injured person move forward in life.